Return to work

What does return to work mean?

Return to work refers to helping injured workers with their recovery and getting back to work. Legislation in this area provides for the safe and durable return to work of an injured worker as early as their injury will allow.

What are return to work programs?

A return to work program is the formal policy that outlines a company’s general procedure for handling work-related injury or illness. It represents its commitment to the health, safety, and recovery of workers following an incident. Return to work programs assist medical practitioners and rehab providers in developing a plan for a graduated and personalised return to work program.

What services do we provide?

Many of our team members have suitable qualifications and experience in developing return to work programs. As treatment providers, our knowledge of the clinical situation assists in determining work capacity and suitable duties. The provision of evidence-based injury management includes Functional Restoration (work conditioning) as well as worksite assessments and return to work planning.

Is a GP referral required?

No GP referral is required to see a physio for this service.

Can I claim this service as an extra on my health insurance policy?

Physio sessions may be claimed on private health insurance depending on your level of cover, please check with your private health insurance provider.

Do you provide services for work or motor vehicle accidents?

Yes, we have extensive experience working with injuries that have arisen from a work place or motor vehicle accident. Please give our front desk team a call to discuss your individual needs.

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