Essential exercises and information after birth

Thanks to Amber Whiteford for putting together this great blog on essential exercises and information after child birth. Many women are unsure how to return to exercise after childbirth and which exercises are important. Amber gives some great advice on how and when to return to exercise. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact Southcare and speak to one of our friendly Physiotherapists.

Pelvic floor muscle (PFM) exercises

Abdominal muscle exercises

[AVOID SIT UP EXERCISES! This includes sitting up to get out of bed! Continue to roll onto your side, as you would have late in pregnancy, up until the ‘6 week check up’ with a WH physio]

Posture education

During breastfeeding;

Back exercises for spinal mobility

Gradual return to activity

Breast care

Physiotherapy treatment


  1. In hospital – get your abdominal muscles checked (RAD assessment)
  2. Exercises you should do – PFM exercises (everyday!), deep abdominal exercises, walking, neck stretches, spinal mobility stretches/exercises, low impact activity – swimming (after 6 weeks), mother and baby hydrotherapy, Pilates, FitRight
  3. Exercises to avoid – sit ups, running, jumping, ‘boot camp’, high impact activities (to prevent injury)
  4. Take care of your back! Maintain a neutral ‘S shaped spine’ when sitting for long periods
  5. Laser and Ultrasound treatment is available in hospital and in outpatient clinics with a WH physio
  6. Don’t forget to book a 6 week check up with a WH physio to ensure safe return to exercise

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