The best treatment for knee pain

Knee pain is a common reason people book an appointment with a physiotherapist. There can be plenty of reasons for this knee pain to occur and over the years I’ve seen an amazing amount of solutions. However recently it has become apparent that if your physiotherapist is not starting you on some form of graded exercise program then something is not quite right.


Studies from around the world are highlighting the benefits of supervised exercise more and more:


This would all appear reasonable and yet out in the community this level of care is not always common place.


An article in 2016 found that physiotherapists still spent time with patients with osteoarthritis performing low value care options such as electrotherapy and ice (Spitaels et al., 2016). Furthermore it has recently been reported that the use of imaging, recommendations for surgery, prescription of opioid medication and failure to provide adequate education remain common problems in the management of musculoskeletal pain (Lin et al., 2019).


So the next time you visit your doctor or physiotherapist with a sore knee ask yourself if you are receiving high value care. Were you;



If any of these questions cause you to reflect then maybe it’s time to consider, are you receiving high value care?



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