Eddie's travel tips

Eddie’s back at Lifecare Applecross after a stint abroad. He’s got some travel tips for anyone who’s looking to leave their pain at home and head off on their own adventure:

Beijing – Great Friends for the Great Wall

When undertaking any new strenuous exercise (eg. hiking the Great Wall of China through the Beijing heat) do choose a good group of friends who’ll encourage you all the way and give you the moral support that you need.

Don’t go it alone!

Moscow – Learn from Ivan the Terrible

There’s some speculation that Ivan (1530-1584) was so Terrible, partly because he used mercury to ease his back pain. This quite literally went to his head.

Do use healthy strategies like exercise, pacing and sleeping well.

Don’t use strategies to ease your pain which cause more problems than they solve.

Tallinn – Sauna culture

When thinking about healthy ways to ease the aches and pains, there’s nothing like a bit of warmth in your lungs and birch-branch whipping to relax down the muscles and get the blood flowing (at the very least the birch-branch whipping will distract you from your pain!).

Do stay hydrated. When jumping into cold water after a sauna.

Don’t go head first, the rapid cooling of your head could have nasty results.

Switzerland – New ways to get to work

If there’s one place in the world that’s as water-loving (and as expensive) as Perth, it’s Switzerland. There are many picturesque cities on the convergence of lake and river. In Lucerne, when the river’s flowing well, it’s not uncommon for people to swim home from work.

Do: water-proof-bag your laptop.

Don’t: let your imagination stop you from finding creative ways to get active.

Above all, whether staying at home or hitting the road over the holiday season, keep active, stay relaxed and don’t let pain get in your way. Let us know if we can help!