Festive season specials

What a great time of year – the days are long, the weather is perfect for heading down to the beach and Christmas is not far away. The trouble with so many good things happening is that the busyness is unavoidable.

Let us know if we can help! Whether it’s a massage to relieve the stress, an easy and unique gift idea or reassurance that your back pain won’t wreck the Christmas celebrations, we’re all keen to make this season a memorable one for the Applecross community.

We’re happy to help this Christmas with some special festive season offers that are valid all the way up to the 24th of December!

Massage voucher

With all that shopping, wrapping and cooking just around the corner, what better way to unwind than a massage? We offer vouchers for 1 hour and 1/2 hour massages or packs of massages to be used throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

As a special Christmas gift, we’ll provide a free massage stick (valued at $14) with every one hour massage voucher purchased!

Pilates pack

Do your family or friends want to move better and stay fit? A Pilates Pack voucher could be the perfect way to get a new year resolution off to a good start. By starting a Pilates program, you’ll be diving into an enjoyable and challenging series of exercises focused on balanced and controlled positioning, graceful movement and body awareness that could be useful on your Christmas function dance floor.

This Christmas, every Pilates Pack purchased as a gift will include a free mat class (valued at $29.95). Pilates Packs start from $270.10 for 10 sessions. Call our friendly receptionists for more details.

Stocking filler gift ideas

Always reaching for that pair of socks? Some grip socks for Pilates could be an option this year. A massage stick can release all of those tight, tender spots. Miracle Balls relax down the tension too by working alongside breathing and positioning; don’t forget they come with a free class. A foam roller or a hot pack might not fit in a stocking but could come in handy for the year ahead as well.

Fit and healthy this summer

Want to be able to join in that back yard Boxing Day test? Looking to swim down at the beach a few extra times next year? Driving a long distance and wondering how your back will cope? Your physio can help with getting your body right for whatever it is you’re looking forward to over the Christmas break. By planning ahead, you’ll give yourself the time to make the changes you’ll need before the Christmas period.

For more information on all the Christmas options or if you have any questions about how your summer can be healthier and happier, call our friendly receptionists on (08) 9364 4073.

Christmas opening hours

In other news: the Pericoach has arrived! Stay tuned for more info in our next newsletter.