Mother's Day remedial massage vouchers

Need the perfect gift for your Mother?

Maybe your Mother-in-Law? Grandmother? There’s a remedial massage to suit everyone here at Lifecare Applecross Physiotherapy.

Our two friendly and experienced massage therapists, Rudu and Nicole, recognise the value of personal preferences for a well rounded, effective and memorable massage experience.

What will this involve?

Remedial Massage has a very broad scope. In fact, it’s really an umbrella term which covers many different modalities.

On one end of the spectrum, there are the deeper mechanical approaches such as myofascial release technique, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

At the other end of the spectrum your therapist might incorporate some of the light and relaxing modalities such as manual lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage, Trager and even energy based modalities like healing touch, Pranic healing and reiki.

Your consultation is the perfect opportunity for you and your therapist to determine which of these approaches will best suit your treatment plan. Many clients ask for a fusion of these deeper and lighter approaches.

Some clients prefer to be in conversation with their therapist while others would rather be quiet and zone out during their session.

Feel free to clarify this with your therapist if you feel the need as well!

Why Lifecare Applecross?

One of the advantages of investing in a professional remedial massage is that your session will be initiated by a thorough consultation when your therapist will listen, communicate and reflect on the appropriate course of treatment.

Careful consultation will maximise your treatment time and allow your therapist to zone in and tackle the relevant areas right off the bat.

Another advantage of Remedial Massage at Lifecare Applecross Physiotherapy is the fact that our massage therapists work in close collaboration with the other health care professionals on our team.

It can be very reassuring to know that your therapist is kept ‘in the loop’ with assessments, findings and diagnoses made by their colleagues.

Your session will also be adequately documented so that there is a reference of your treatment, allowing for the fine-tuning of your treatment goals.

Hopefully we shed some light on the subject, feel free to give us a call on (08) 9364 4073 if you have any other queries.

You can purchase individual massage vouchers or packs from our reception.

Our two excellent therapists, Rudu, our male therapist and Nicole, our female therapist, both love what they do and look forward to showing you the value and efficacy of this wonderful therapy that works! Just ask any of their regulars!