Your type of exercise

No matter what injury, age, body type, sport, job or attitude, there’s an exercise option that’s just right for you here at Lifecare Applecross.

What type of exerciser are you?

The recoverer

Exercise for you: Clinical Pilates
Run by: Pilates-trained physiotherapist

Suffering from pain, recovering from injury or trying to reach sporting excellence? An exercise program developed by a Pilates-trained physiotherapist helps you get back to doing all the things you love. After an initial assessment which reveals your strengths and weaknesses, your physio will help you to develop individual rehab goals.

Close supervision and feedback on body awareness, alignment, breathing, control, flowing movements and precision helps you move better and feel great. Your individual program can be designed to reinforce a set of home exercises so that you’re not only making progress within each session, but between them as well.

The reformer

Exercise for you: Reformer class, mat class
Run by: Pilates instructor

For those who are keen on an individualised whole body workout that retrains posture, develops relaxation and improves control, our Pilates instruction classes are just the thing. Pilates-trained instructors will guide you through a refined series of exercises; they have hundreds to choose from! This is a good option for people who are not experiencing a specific pathology needing rehab but are looking to rebuild a balanced body. We find many people get hooked on exercise and enjoy keeping up their regular Pilates time with an instructor guiding them through a program that is forever adapting, just as you are.

The expectant exerciser

Exercise for you: Pregnancy class
Run by: Women’s health physiotherapist

These classes are for women at any stage of pregnancy, but ideally those in the second and third trimester. Keep coming until your due date (or beyond)!

The classes are run as a six week block, with one class per week. The classes involve an hour of Pilates-type exercise with a focus on stretching, toning, breathing, relaxation, posture and pelvic floor activation. This is done with the use of a mat, exercise ball, theraband and hand weights. Different options are available to ensure that all levels of fitness and Pilates experience are catered for!

The wise walker

Exercise for you: Osteo class
Run by: Physiotherapist

Our osteo class is designed for building strength, balance, flexibility and bone density. There are a wide range of exercises that are adjusted to your needs; all done to the backdrop of great conversations and plenty of laughter. Come and meet all the energetic exercisers!

The flexible bounder

Exercise for you: Kids Pilates
Run by: Pilates-trained physiotherapist

Particularly helpful for kids with hypermobility, there’s plenty of excitement to keep the entertainment factor high. Pilates comes alive as a series of therapeutic exercises are turned into muscle games that challenge balance, control and stability. This class is great at developing good patterns of movement from an early age, helping kids of all body types to enjoy exercise, prevent injury and promote development!

For all the latest session times and availabilities in our popular classes, or for an assessment with a physio to determine which one is best for you, call us on (08) 9364 4073.