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Backfocus Physiotherapy

Experts in back and spinal pain

A tailored approach to physiotherapy and allied health services for all ages and stages of life.

You may have noticed, our website has undergone a transformation. Backfocus has been part of the Lifecare group for a while now, and we decided it was time to unite with our sister clinics while preserving the spirit of our original name. Rest assured, we’re still the same team, and our unwavering commitment to delivering quality service and care hasn’t changed

At Backfocus we excel in treating a variety of conditions, with a constant focus on achieving the best possible outcome for our customers. We understand that each and every individual’s body is unique, and we provide a tailored approach that caters to all ages and life stages. We’ve developed a network of locations across Melbourne and greater Victoria, to provide you the highest quality physiotherapy and allied health services. Whether you are an amateur sportsman or an office worker looking to relieve aches and pains, our attention remains the same – we’re here to enhance your health, your treatment and your recovery.

Since 1997 we’ve focused on treating back and spinal conditions, and are now recognised in the sector for our expertise. Misalignment or injury can affect so many aspects of your life, but with Backfocus we have the experience and expertise to find the right solution for you. We have built a team that supports your goals, and also provides services for a number of other conditions.

Our physiotherapy experience

Our treatment approach is one that gives the patient relief from symptoms, educates the patient on how to improve daily function, and focuses on providing programs designed to prevent the possibility of re-injury. By treating each patient as an individual and using multiple treatment techniques that provide greater insight into the patient’s issue, we maximize the opportunity for improvement. Our therapists combine expert hands-on treatment with tailored exercise therapy to optimise overall health.

7 convenient locations

Backfocus operates in Melbourne and the wider Victoria region providing Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Occupational Health, Podiatry, Hydrotherapy and Clinical Exercise and Pilates Sessions.

We are conveniently located next to the public transport, with ample parking and long opening hours at most of our clinics. You can call or book online anytime to schedule your next appointment.

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