Keeping people on their feet

Did you know:

There is a wide variety of problems that can occur in a patients feet.

Problems can include corns and calluses, toenail problems, arch and heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, claw and hammer toes, or even tendonitis.

The challenge in treating these conditions is to keep them mobile whilst the problem is being fixed. You might even say they need to ‘keep them on their toes’.

Detailed assessment is required before treatment can commence, as subtle, problems can make a big difference with the forces placed on the foot.

Treatment of mechanical problems usually consists of controlling the inflammatory response, whilst correcting any problems found in the assessment.

This is a great example of when the sports medicine doctor, podiatrist and physiotherapist may be involved.

The sports medicine doctor to oversee the management and medication, the podiatrist to provide the mechanical diagnosis and correction of the cause, and the physiotherapist to help resolve the pain and inflammation.

The prescription of an orthotic follows the assessment of the foot, and the problem as determined by the Podiatrist. The Orthotics are manufactured and fitted specifically for the individual.

An orthotic device may be required.

Sometimes all that is needed is a simple off the shelf type insole which may require modification.

In other circumstances a specific custom made orthotic is required.

Advice on appropriate sporting footwear and specific exercise programs is incorporated and modification of poor technique may also be required.

If you have any queries regarding any foot conditions or specific problems, please feel free to contact your nearest Lifecare sports medicine doctor, podiatrist or physiotherapist for more information.

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