What to do if injury occurs

Have you ever been to a sporting ground and witnessed someone sprain their ankle?

Or been told of a painful shoulder following a round of golf, or set of tennis?

These and many other injuries can happen with any sporting activity, and even working in the back yard.

What is the best way to care for an injury?

Extensive scientific research has shown that early, intensive intervention is the best management for sports injuries, and indeed all soft tissue injuries.

What sort of treatment is the right thing to use on sports injuries?

Well it can be summed up in two words – RICER and HARM.

These steps will assist the recovery:

Don’t do the following:

In the first 48 hours always use the RICER techniques, and never HARM the injury.

Increasing the circulation will increase the swelling and make the injury worse.

This technique of managing any soft tissue injury is internationally recognised, and provides a simple and easy to remember formula for treating all soft tissue injuries.

Referral in the very early stages is vital as the appropriate sports medicine doctor or physiotherapist can ensure accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

It also means treatment can be provided when it is most effective; in the early stages.

The difference between the injury receiving treatment in the first 6-12 hours and treatment a week later is significant and the recovery time increased.

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