Wondering what happened to clinical Pilates?

You may have been recommended Pilates or clinical Pilates by your friends or family to help you recover from an injury or a condition such as osteoporosis or lower back pain.

If you are looking for these services we recommend you to take a look at our clinical exercise sessions.

These sessions are held at most of our Lifecare centres.

Why is it called clinical exercise sessions instead of clinical Pilates?

From the 1st April 2019, there were some changes to private health insurance in Australia which meant a number of natural therapies such as Pilates could no longer be claimed.

However, because Pilates exercises have been proven to promote rehabilitation and prevent injury, the Australian Physiotherapy Association worked hard to ensure physiotherapist led exercise sessions were exempt from this.

To make this exemption clear, physiotherapists were advised to not call their classes Pilates.

What to do if you have been recommended Pilates?

Our physios are experts in musculoskeletal anatomy and rehabilitation, which means you’re more likely to achieve your goals faster and improve your quality of life.

Regular group classes taken by Pilates instructors don’t have the same degree of training as it pertains to sports and exercise science, rehabilitation, chronic disease and injury.

Like clinical Pilates, our clinical exercise sessions will also help you to achieve:

Reforms can be confusing, and we hope this helps explain the changes.