Physiotherapy services to help you recover long-term

​Maintain, restore, and improve your movement and quality of life. Our physiotherapists will help you get better, feel better and stay better.

Evidence-based Physiotherapy Services for Everyone

Whether you're looking to recover from an injury or perform at your best, we’re here to support you with the latest evidence-based assessment and treatment available. Our experienced Physiotherapists will maintain, restore and improve your function. Enjoy life with nothing holding you back.

Ready to Improve Your Quality of Life?

Pain can really affect our quality of life. You might be suffering from an acute injury, or pain from putting too much strain on your body, and this can severely impact your mobility and normal life. If pain is limiting your movement and impacting your quality of life, consider Physiotherapy for quick relief and long-term success. Our Physiotherapists offer a range of treatments and exercises that relieve pain and prevent injury. We provide expert assessments and use manual therapy, clinical exercise programs, education, and lifestyle advice to provide relief and recovery and promote ongoing healing. Whether you're dealing with a recent injury or chronic pain, we'll help you get back to your regular routine so you can start meeting your long-term health goals.

Physiotherapy Treatment Tailored to You

No two bodies are the same - there's no one-size-fits-all answer, and so Physiotherapy treatment is tailored to you and your condition. That's why we believe in providing expert assessment and a tailored treatment approach designed for your individual needs. At your initial appointment, we'll do a comprehensive assessment. Our goal is to understand the root cause of the problem but also how this is affecting you and your life. From there, we'll create a customised treatment plan to help you achieve sustained success. We’ll work with you as you progress, and make adjustments as needed to get you to a full recovery.

Conditions That Can be Treated with Physiotherapy Services

Why Lifecare Physiotherapy?

At Lifecare, pain-free movement matters. Our aim is to help patients of all ages and stages of life to stay active and achieve their goals. From managing everyday pain to helping elite athletes perform at their best, our personalised services fit your lifestyle. With Lifecare, you're guaranteed:

Our client care process

  1. Detailed assessment at your initial appointment
  2. Comprehensive treatment plan
  3. Ongoing monitoring and reviews
  4. Return to your normal life
  5. Live life the way you want!

Frequently asked questions

What do Physiotherapists (Physios) do?

Physiotherapists assess to find the root cause of your joint, muscle or nerve issue. Once they understand the main issue, they use a combination of treatments including therapeutic exercises and manual therapy, plus comprehensive education to treat the cause and the symptoms.

What makes Lifecare Physiotherapists different?

All Physiotherapists are university-educated health professionals with highly specialised skills that equip them to assess your condition and plan tailored treatment programs. Lifecare Physiotherapists have great facilities, great locations and ongoing education and support as part of our team of outstanding health professionals.

What are the different types of Physiotherapy services?

Different branches of physiotherapy include:

What type of Physiotherapist should I see?

Our Physiotherapists have high-level training, expertise and experience treating a wide range of symptoms and ailments. Once we've done a comprehensive assessment of your needs, we may refer you to one of our expert Practitioners.

How often do you need to see a Physiotherapist?

The level of care you need depends on your specific health issue and on your goals. Our Physiotherapists will conduct a detailed review of your complaint, your pain your lifestyle needs and recommend a customised care plan. This will also include exercises, education and lifestyle changes outside of the clinic.

Is a GP referral required?

You don't need a general practitioner referral to see a Physiotherapist. If you're attending via the Chronic Disease Management Program, let us know and bring your referral to the initial appointment.

Can I claim this service on private health insurance?

Physiotherapy sessions may be claimed on private health insurance depending on your level of coverage. Be sure to check with your provider directly for details.

Do your Physiotherapy services cover workplace injuries or motor vehicle accidents?

We have extensive experience managing injuries arising from workplace or motor vehicle accidents and helping them recover and return to their normal life and work. Give your nearest Lifecare clinic a call to discuss your individual needs.

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