Meet Our New Frankston Osteopath

We have recently welcomed a new osteopath, Lachlan Allen, to the Lifecare Frankston team. To help you get to know Lachlan, we’ve asked him a few questions about his approach to health and his career in osteopathy.

Before we jump into his interview, I want to thank Lachlan for choosing Lifecare. We’re so excited to have you be a part of our team.

Lachlan, what brings you to Lifecare Frankston?

The Lifecare team takes a comprehensive and holistic perspective to injury management and recovery. I am excited to be able to work alongside different professions and link our expertise to promote and enable strong active lifestyles. This aligned focus will drive the best possible outcome for my clients.

How do you define Osteopathy?

An Osteopath will assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions, from head to toe. Osteopathic treatment encompasses a very wide variety of manual therapy techniques including soft tissue release techniques, stretching, joint mobilisation, manipulation and myofascial dry needling.

Osteopaths are also skilled at exercise prescription and rehabilitation. As an Osteo, I will supplement our treatment by guiding you through your recovery with the right strength program. We will also discuss lifestyle factors such as developing good posture, advice on lifting technique, and supporting your involvement in leisure activities or appropriate exercise that you enjoy. I can also offer ergonomic advice, which might include suggestions regarding your computer or desk set up to take the load of your injured area.

What is your approach to health and health care?

We need to prepare for the things we love in life through health and fitness.

Too often I hear people say things like, I wish I could still do this but I can’t because of my back pain. We don’t consider how restricted we are in our movement, or how poor our strength is, or how much our cardiovascular fitness has declined until we can’t do the things that we love to do.

I want everyone to consider their hobbies and everyday pleasures the same way that an athlete does – they value it and fight for it.

I would be miserable if I was unable to spend a day walking up a Victorian river fly fishing. No matter whether it’s gardening, or simply playing with your kids or grandkids, maintaining your movement is key to doing what you love, which is key to good health.

What do people find most surprising about osteopathy?

How not-alternative an Osteopath is.

A lot of people will put Osteopathy in the alternative category without really knowing what an Osteo does. I won’t be giving you a weird and wonderful explanation for your problem. What I will do is listen to the symptoms of your presenting complaints and work with you to develop a clear and easy to manage treatment plan that will keep you doing the things you love.

People are also often surprised at how skilled Osteopath’s are at such a broad range of conditions. Everyone knows an Osteopath is skilled at managing lower back pain, neck pain and postural problems. But people might be surprised that we bring the same passion, skill and knowledge towards knee pain, shoulder pain, tendon problems and sporting injuries.

What do you love most about your job?

I love seeing people reach their goals. This might be getting back to your chosen sport, or it might be getting back to full time work. It’s very rewarding to see someone have the confidence to go to work or visit friends, without being concerned about their back pain or headache impacting their job or social time.

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