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What is a falls prevention clinic?

Our falls prevention clinics are run by physiotherapists. During the clinic we assess our clients and develop management programs that work on strength and balance to minimise their risk of falls.

What makes our clinics different?

We have a number of clinics across Perth. Each of these clinics works with clients to provide the following:

  • A detailed one-hour initial assessment to assess a multitude of factors which contribute to falls risk for each individual
  • A goal-setting initiative and management plan
  • Tailored exercise program options to suit the needs of each client.

Supervised exercise programs:

For more dependent patients, we offer individual supervision during their exercise programs so that you can be assured of their safety.

Falls Prevention exercise groups:

  • Provide home exercise programs for those not requiring or not suited to a supervised program.
  • Educate and advise on falls risk factors such as vision, medication, vitamin D supplementation, clothing/footwear, home environments, nutrition, and continence.
  • Promote self-management and empower our clients to take ownership of their health, whilst providing encouragement and support.

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Our HomeCare Falls Prevention Clinics team

Anthony Imms
Senior Physiotherapist and Practice Principal
Xuan (David) Phan
Senior Physiotherapist
Caitlin McDonald
Senior Physiotherapist
Denis Boyd
Yanni Chau
Rae Wong

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