Services at
ONTRAC Health Bowral

Ontrac dietetics

Dietetics is the science of diet, food and nutrition, and the role they play in overall health.

Ontrac exercise physiology

Exercise physiology is the practise of using exercise as medicine to improve health and wellbeing.

Ontrac chronic pain management

Chronic or persistent pain is either continuous or recurrent pain that lasts beyond the normal time of healing.

Ontrac falls prevention

Strength and balance are very important factors in determining how likely you are to experience a fall.

Ontrac over 60s exercise

Our over 60s classes focus on strength, balance, posture and mobility - and enjoying the company of others.

Ontrac return to work

Return to work refers to helping injured workers with their recovery and getting back to work.

Ontrac strength and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is more than lifting weights – it encompasses the entire physical development of the athlete and what is required to allow them to be the best physical version of themselves.