Patella Tendinosis

What is it?

·       The Patella tendon is the tendon that joins the knee cap to the shin bone

·       With overuse of the quadriceps muscles and this tendon the tendon can become inflamed and painful.

What do I look for?

·       Dull pain at the base of the knee cap or the prominence on shin bone (tibial tubercle), where the tendon attach.

·       Tightness and/or tenderness in the quadriceps muscle

·       Pain with running, squatting, jumping, kneeling and/or kicking

·       Often starts gradually over a period of a few weeks and increases over time.

·       Soreness lasting after activity and is eased with rest.

·       What causes it?

·       Tightness in the quadriceps muscles

·       Overuse of the quadriceps muscles

·       Overtraining

When do you see someone for help?
Your LifeCare Practitioner will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate management plan. Often this problem can require a Sports Medicine Doctor, Physiotherapist, and/or Podiatrist to assist.

For more information see your local LifeCare Practitioner.
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