Groin injuries

Groin injuries frequently occur in sports involving twisting and turning.

There are a number of muscles and tendons in the groin area as well as other structures, which can cause groin injuries.

Hence, all groin pain is not the same and not treated the same.

Common problems and causes

The three muscles on the inside of the upper thigh are named the adductor muscles.

Adductor muscle strains are in fact the most common cause of groin pain and normally occur when the athlete changes direction quickly and over-stretches the adductor muscles.

The problem with groin strains is that unless recognition and correct treatment for the causative factor is performed, the athlete may experience further recurrent groin strains.

Therefore the all too often scenario of a sports person simply resting and waiting for the muscles to repair and then resuming sport as per normal, may be insufficient to prevent further recurrence unless the predisposing factor is also addressed.

Some of the more common predisposing factors to recurrent groin injury include:

  1. Inadequate rehabilitation of the initial injury
  2. Stiffness of the low back
  3. Poor pelvic stability and muscle imbalances

Other causes of pain

  1. Adductor tendonitis
  2. Referred pain from the hip
  3. Referred pain from the back
  4. Inguinal hernia
  5. Osteitis pubis (inflammation of the pelvic bone)
  6. Conjoint tendon injuries.

Initial treatment

Immediately after injury treatment of a groin strain involves reducing any bleeding and inflammation.

This requires using the RICER regimen, and referral to an appropriate sports doctor and physiotherapist.

What to do?

Treatment to maximise full rehabilitation following groin injury should involve physiotherapy whereby any causative factors can be properly addressed.

Physiotherapists also have methods of reducing inflammation and equipment used to promote healing and full recovery.

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