Hamstring injuries part 3

What are the hamstrings?

What you may feel:

The grade and severity of the injury will determine what you feel:

What should you do initially?

You should perform the acronym:

You should avoid:

What is the best type of rehabilitation? 

Rehabilitation is best guided by your sports medicine doctor and physiotherapist and depends on the severity of your injury and the amount of pain you are in

It can involve local treatment, gentle movements, stretches and strengthening in the initial stage

As your pain decreases and your strength improves you will begin more dynamic running exercises, more difficult strengthening exercises to target the injured muscle and you core stability.

How long before you return to sport? 

It depends on the severity of the injury and how compliant you are with your rehabilitation –

Re-occurrence of hamstring Injuries is very common.

This is mainly due to a return to sudden or very strong movements such as: sprinting, kicking, bending over quickly, prior to the injury healing properly.

Hamstring injuries will usually feel substantially better 1-2 weeks prior to them actually having healed sufficiently to return to these activities.

Check with your physiotherapist or sports doctor prior to returning to full activity.

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