Hip Pain In Adolescents And Children

What is it?

  • Hip pain, in children can have a number of causes such as irritable hip, a slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE) or Perthes disease.
  • Irritable hip, the cause of the pain is unknown and the child grows out of this with skeletal maturity.
  • Perthes disease is a loss circulation and subsequent erosion of the head of the hip bone (common at 4-10 years old).
  • A SUFE is where the head thigh bone ‘slips’ down from the neck at the growth plate (common at 12-15 years old).

Both Perthes and a SUFE are quite serious conditions and require Specialist management

What do I look for ?

  • Loss of movement of the hip joint.
  • Pain in the groin, buttock of even radiating into the knee region.
  • Pain with walking, running, squatting, jumping, kneeling and/or kicking
    Night pain.

What causes it?

  • Often unknown.
  • Trauma.
  • Overtraining.

When do I see someone for help?

Your LifeCare Practitioner will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate management plan
Often this problem can require a Sports Medicine Doctor, Physiotherapist, and/or Podiatrist to assist.

For more information, see your local Lifecare Practitioner.
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