Patello-Femoral Pain

What is it?

  • The patellofemoral joint is the articulation between the thigh bone (femur) and the knee cap (patella)
  • Usually the kneecap sits in a groove at the end of the femur, sliding up and down on a smooth surface as the knee bends and straightens. Pain may occur if this lining is damaged or an imbalance in the muscles develops, pulling the kneecap onto one surface more than the other (lateral tracking). This can lead to irritation of the underside lining of the kneecap and cause pain.

What do I look for?

  • The symptoms usually consist of an ache or sharp pain in around the kneecap, which is aggravated by running, squatting, stairs and standing up after a period of immobility
  • People of all age may present with patellofemoral pain

What causes it?

  • Imbalances between the quadriceps muscles
  • Muscle imbalances in the lumbo-pelvic region
  • Poor foot posture
  • Recent knee pain/trauma

When do you see someone for help?
Your LifeCare Practitioner will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate management plan. Often this problem can require a Sports Medicine Doctor, Physiotherapist, and/or Podiatrist to assist.

For more information, see your local LifeCare Practitioner.
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