Quadriceps Contusions (Corked Thighs)

Quadriceps Contusions also called “Corks”, or “Corked Thighs” are one of the most common injuries in Sport.

These injuries are associated with an impact, or collision.

Physiotherapists and Sports Medicine Doctors/Physicians regularly deal with this injury, and they rarely if ever result in the Surgery.

LifeCare Centres and the Physiotherapists, and Sports Medicine Doctors regularly diagnose and treat Quadriceps Contusions or “Corks”, and are important in getting athletes back to normal after this injury.

Sports Medicine Australia: A not for Profit member organisation has released an excellent information Brochure about Quadriceps Contusions, available at: SMA-Injury Brochure Quadriceps Contusions or “Corks”

As many of the Sports Medicine Doctor, Physiotherapists, and Podiatrists are active members of Sports Medicine Australia, we recommend you view this brochure, and it’s contents.

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Hamstring Injuries

Damage to the Hamstring Muscles at the back of the thigh is one of the most common, and highly publicised injuries in Sport. These injuries can be associated with dramatic footage of the injury occurring when sprinting or kicking.

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Hamstring Injuries 2

Hamstring injuries are one of if not the most common injuries in sport and normally occur during high intensity running or kicking activities. There is generally a sharp 'catching' or 'grabbing' pain in the back of the leg along with pain and loss of function/power. If the strain is not too severe you may be able to continue playing with limitations.

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