Sacroiliac Joint Pain

What is it?

This is the joint between the sacrum and the two hip bones. When this joint is put under excessive stress it can become inflamed and of the ligaments and muscles surrounding this structure can also become painful.

What do I look for?

  • Pain and often tenderness to touch in the buttock region
  • Pain with walking, sit to stand, getting out of a car and or when using stairs
  • Pain radiating into the lower leg and groin regions

What causes it?

  • Muscle imbalances around the pelvic/hip region
  • Poor control of the pelvic stabilisers
  • An injury such as a fall or a car accident
  • Pregnancy

When do I see the physio?

Physiotherapists can assess your condition, use a variety of techniques, correct muscle imbalances and provide you with an appropriate exercise program.

Do I see my doctor?

Your physiotherapist will also advise you when you need to see your doctor


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