What is it?

Whiplash is the term used to describe injuries caused by the sudden change of direction of the movement of the head.

This is most commonly seen in car accidents, but can also occur in other situations.

When you are hit by another car your head will continue to move forwards as it takes a few microseconds for your neck muscles to react and stop this movement.

The muscles have to work extremely hard to stop your head and protect your neck and often your ligaments will also be stressed, especially with higher speed crashes.

Consequently the muscles, ligaments and joints can become extremely sore and stiff.

Even what appear to be relatively minor car accidents can cause a whiplash due to the forces involved in these sort of accidents.

Symptoms can include:

When do I see someone for help?

Your Lifecare practitioner will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate management plan.

Can I claim my treatment expenses?

Each state of Australia has laws that assist individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents.

However, these vary from state to state.

In most cases you will need a doctor referral before your first physiotherapy appointment if you wish to claim part or all of the cost of treatment.

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