Womens Health And Continence

Pelvic floor issues such as leakage of urine, known as incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse, are very common problems affecting the female population, especially those who have had children. Most people are unaware that specialist Physiotherapists can treat these problems, often helping to avoid surgery.

Pregnancy is a time of extreme change and stress in a woman’s body. As the baby grows, the extra weight combined with pregnancy hormones and postural changes, places additional strain on the joints and muscles. As every woman and every pregnancy is different, we offer individual consultations for many of the common complaints of pregnancy, and also in the postnatal period.

At many LifeCare practices, we have specially trained physiotherapists who can help with Women’s Health, Continence and Pregnancy-related issues such as:

We all want to keep fit and healthy, however if you have pelvic floor muscle dysfunction or are at risk of it, such as those women who are in the postnatal period or have gone through menopause, then not all exercise that is offered at the gym or with a PT is suitable for you. LifeCare offers many safe fitness alternatives such as:

  • Pregnancy education and Pilates classes
  • Pregnancy pool exercise classes
  • Mother and baby Pilates classes, including baby massage
  • Mother and baby pool exercise classes
  • Aquafit classes for a low impact cardio workout
  • Individual exercise prescription

For more information talk to a specialist at a Lifecare clinic near you.

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