Bike Fitting

Physiotherapist Led Bike Fitting

During a Physiotherapist Led Bike Fitting, we look at the rider’s technique and the strength of major muscle groups to create a riding position that ensures maximum power is transferred through the pedals without pain or discomfort. Whether you are an elite cyclist or recreational enthusiast taking the time to have your bike set up, analysed and adjusted can often make all the difference. The process of a bike fit looks at individual needs and takes into consideration all cycling aspects to achieve a fit that performs to your potential. A physiotherapist's framework ensures the process will be tailored to you and gives you the confidence to train and improve without risk of overuse injury. Whether you’ve purchased a new bike, in need of a tune up, or have a current injury—a bicycle fitting led by a physiotherapist will benefit you and your ride. At Lifecare, our bike fittings are carried out by a qualified Physiotherapist. They incorporate comprehensive cycling knowledge with a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system.

What does a bike fit consultation involve?

Typically, a comprehensive bike fit would involve an assessment where a physiotherapist will take a detailed history including both short-and-long terms goals also covering injury history. Following this a thorough physical examination prior to placing your bike on a smart trainer for biomechanical assessment and any required adjustments. As part of the assessment we’ll provide advice on

How can a bike fitting help?

An effective bike fitting can help manage aches and pains including: To book a Physiotherapist Led Bike Fitting or to find out more about the costs involved please contact your local Lifecare clinic.

What do I need to bring?

Don't forget to bring your bicycle, usual cycling wear, shoes, helmet, and any other accessories used in your initial appointment.

Is a GP referral required?

No GP referral is required to see a physio for a bike fitting.

Can I claim this service as an extra on my health insurance policy?

Physio sessions may be claimed on private health insurance depending on your level of cover, please check with your private health insurance provider.

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