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What is early intervention?

Early Intervention in the work place is identifying and reacting quickly to incidents or potential incidents that could lead to a worker taking time off work due to an injury or illness.

What are the benefits of early intervention?

Early identification of signs that could lead to ill-health or injury will help maintain a healthy and functioning work force. Early Intervention is becoming an increasingly common component of employee management amongst proactive, forward-thinking companies. An early response to pain or injury can prevent a worker taking time off and submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

What can you expect from our early intervention program?

Our Early Intervention Program is a physiotherapy program which has two main aims:
  1. To prevent small pains or injuries developing into larger, more chronic issues, which impact work performance and lead to time off work;
  2. To facilitate a prompt and effective return to work, or full duties, when an injury has occurred.
Early Intervention is an investment in your company, with the aim for it being at least cost-neutral in the long term. It has been demonstrated to: Other benefits of early intervention programs include: The Early Intervention Program is individually tailored to each company, where several different elements can be utilised depending on your specific circumstances and needs. Please call us to discuss how we can assist you.

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