Arisa Yamaguchi - Massage Therapist

Arisa has been working as a professional remedial massage therapist for over 5 years, and she has worked together with a team of both western and eastern medical health practitioners. Arisa has a lot of experience with pain management therapy. She also has experience in geriatric massage, pre & postnatal massage and baby massage as well. Arisa uses various techniques (Deep tissue, postural correction, trigger point and more) to tailor make every massage to suit each client’s needs. Arisa will be working alongside physiotherapists to improve your health and well-being.  Remedial massage is beneficial for people in pain, suffering from stress or as general maintenance for the body.

Types of Massage Arisa offers

  • Remedial Massage

  • Deep Tissue massage

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage (For Swollen body parts)

  • Sports Massage (Especially for runners)

  • Myofascial release Therapy

  • Trigger point Therapy

  • Dry needling

  • Stretching techniques

  • Pre and Post Natal Massage (Pregnancy massage)

  • Breast Massage (For mothers having trouble breastfeeding)