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Ankle Impingement

This is a common condition in footballers. The player will often present to the trainer or Physiotherapist with pain across the front of the ankle, with no apparent recent injury such as the more common "rolling" the ankle.

Category: Ankle

Ankle Injuries

Ligaments are the body tissue used to hold our bones together. Ligament injuries around the ankle are among the most common sporting injuries, especially in those sports involving twisting and jumping.

Category: Ankle

Ankle Joint Ligament Sprains

Ligament injuries of the ankle are the most common of all sporting injuries. Every sprain causes damage to the stabilising tissues of the joint with bleeding, swelling and tenderness.

Category: Ankle

Sprained Ankle

What you may have felt: · Immediate pain on the outside of your ankle. · Unable to walk on it due to pain. · Noises – crack/pop/snap.

Category: Ankle